Shape, color and texture are everything when it comes to your eyebrows. They frame your eyes and define your expression. While trends come and go, from slender and sleek to bold and bushy, the proper shape, color and texture for your face are essential elements of the perfect brow look for you. In microblading, 3D hair strokes are tattooed onto the eyebrow area to fill in and/or reshape your brows. This treatment is perfect for those with sparse or thinning eyebrows, or anyone who wants a fuller look and perfect eyebrows every day without having to fuss with powders, brushes and pencils. 

Microblading Initial Appointment

120 minutes – $500

Our technician will assess your face to help you determine the best shape to enhance your facial features, map your brows, and choose the best tint. This is a 2-step process and the follow up is performed 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment. Results typically last 6 months to 1 year

Microblading Follow-Up

90 minutes – $125

This is scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after your initial appointment to finish the shading and adjust color or symmetry. The touch-up is an important part of the microblading process. If touch-up scheduled outside of 10 weeks from initial appointment, touch-up fee will be $250.

6 Month Touch-Up

90 minutes – $125

Yearly Touch-Up

90 minutes – $200-$250

Blade & Shade

150 minutes – $525

This is the perfect combination of 3D and shading strokes. This technique creates natural strokes with a soft, powdery makeup finish

Before Your Treatment

An in-depth consultation is performed at the time of your appointment. Our makeup artist will make sure you are an ideal candidate and that you have realistic expectations of your procedures. All colors and shapes will be customized to your facial features. A consent form will be filled out to ensure we have all medical information necessary for the procedure. Initial measurements and brow mapping will be marked and drawn first to make sure this is your desired shape and color. Please remember to avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment.

During Treatment

A topical anesthetic will be re-applied during this procedure, keeping you comfortable. Everything used during the procedure is sterile and 100% single-use disposable. We use Tina Davies Disposable Sterile Kits. This kit has everything needed for any microblading or permanent makeup procedure. It was designed to give artists all the disposables needed to enable them to maintain the highest standards in safe and sterilized work practices.

After Treatment

When the treatment is finished you will be given STRICT after care instructions. The treatment area may feel sensitive and you may have some swelling, which should subside within an hour.

Download Microblading Pre and Post Treatment Guidelines

Follow Up Treatment

Remember, all semi- and permanent make up procedures are not a one-time treatment but a process. The follow up appointments are necessary to make any final adjustments.

Is Microblading Right For Me?

If you have extremely thick oily skin, the Microblading technique may not work well for you, but we are happy to do it for you as long as you have realistic expectations. The constant production of oil will cause the hair strokes to heal with a diffused, softer look and you may want to consider a powdered brow. If additional touchups are needed there will be a charge.

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